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Where Does The Massage Occur?

The services provided are mobile, meaning DohGrayMe comes to your home or site.

Please note that massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. Used in combination with regular veterinary care, massage provides invaluable wellness benefits to your animal.  DohGrayMe Animal Massage, LLC, does not provide veterinary care and cannot diagnose, prescribe, or give medical advice.  Please consult your Veterinarian before seeking massage therapy for your animal.

 65 TO 75 Minute Session  $90*

Please review the "Preparing for the Massage In Your Home" section below to be sure your animal is properly prepared for his/ her session.

NOTE:  Discounts available for more than one horse/ animal scheduled during same visit and location.

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Preparing For The Massage Session

Prior to your horse's scheduled massage session, please prepare them as follows:

  • Make sure they are reasonably clean and dry for the session.

  • Avoid scheduling the session during feeding time and other distracting activities.  Distractions can create a challenging environment for a horse to settle and relax.

  • Have a preferred location onsite where the horse would be most comfortable during the massage.  Shelter from inclement weather, extreme hot or cold, mud, and similar is preferable.  A guardian is welcome to hold the horse or the horse can be tied at a safe location.

  • Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns prior to the scheduled session.

*Travel Fees

*Rates include travel, except locations outside of DohGrayMe's standard service area.  DohGrayMe Animal Massage, LLC, is located in Cary, NC.

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